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My name is Kalina Blazhe Emiliya Yuliana Tatianna Kohary, the rightful heir of Bulgaria. I should be tsaritsa , and I will be. I have a fiancé of name Miguel, he is Brazilian. Call me Kali. Or better yet: Empress. In Love with Tsarevich Dimitri Vasa of Russia, dating since January 8, 2014





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Will you be my hero:| Kalel


Miguel could be sleeping, or leave his phone and heads to Inês’ room. But he hadn’t been feeling alright the past few weeks, starting with father’s days, and then his father’s death and birth anniversaries. Larissa stayed with him in his room, mourning the past ten days with him. However, Miguel couldn’t help but still feel down. He was still focused on feeling the lost and sadness when he got the first message Kalina sent to him. He couldn’t believe she was that drunk, and that she had messaged him. Somehow, it distracted him from his painful memories, and for once in that week he was able to laugh a bit. But, no matter how silly this woman seemed in those drunk messages, she was still dangerous, a threat.

Deciding to head to Larissa’s place for the night, he got one last message, which made him curse. ”Porra! Essa mulher vai acabar se matando! Já posso ver!”, he pursed his lips, and dropped his mobiel upon his bed. He headed to the foutain, in the middle of the gaze. For a drunk woman, she was good enough to find the way into the maze. He cursed, as he walked to the wrong way a couple of times, but then he sighed in relief when he saw her, laying on her stomach, and far from any danger. He knelt by her side and poked her side. ”Are you still awake?”, he asked as he looked to her brown locks spreaded around her head in a beautiful mess.

Kalina laid there, waiting, she didn’t know if he really was going to come and save her, or would he just leave her there? There after all constantly fighting, that was all they did lately. She told him also she never wanted to see him again. She liked how she was so angry enough to pull off that lie. She would never admit it, but she enjoyed the fighting with him,  it was the most time she would. Spend with him, that was the most reaction she got out from him, the strongest reaction. It reminded her of that night that he kept bringing up so much. She crossed her arms over the ground, laying her head on her arms, her hair was spiraled out on the ground. She laid there murmuring apologize for Ivana, Kalina just wanted her sister. Yalena was to be her sister and she was so amazing, she never pissed her off, never challenged her as Ivana did, but blood is thicker that water.

She lifted her head feeling something at her side, laughing. She curved her body away from him a bit. She sat up complete, before turning around to look at him. Her smile didn’t drop seeing that Miguel actually came to her. She leaned over, wrapping her arms around his neck. “You didn’t leave me here. You came.” She murmured near his ear in Bulgarian. She loosen up on her hold a bit, hanging from him. Kalina laughed a child like laughing ringing out from her intoxicated body. She dropped her arms. “Whyyyyyyyy? Why do you hate me? I  can tell you,” she said placing her hand on the ground, Kalina leaned forward.  “I have beauty, style and ass.” She placed her hand over her mouth laughing to herself. “You knew the last part…vividly….and the first.” She said allowing him to know why she was laughing.

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Anonymous asked: Your best sex ever?

Making love or fucking?

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Anonymous asked: Any disappointments with your current partner?

I want him to try to take control more, whispering dirty Russian in my ear.

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Anonymous asked: Biggest fantasy, in regards to sex? Person, place, act....

Don’t you want to know. That is for Dimitri to know only.

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Anonymous asked: Age at which you lost your virginity?

17,  but I’ll never say to who!

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Anonymous asked: Guy you fantasize most about?

Dimitri with his Russian accent, barking orders, fighting me for control exhorting his power and desire and lust for me.

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*1 hour later*


Dimitri was just all smiles and laughter as he gazed down adoringly at the Bulgarian princess. He had never been a man of many words, but that wasn’t what would happen with Kali. He would have words, and then she would stun him into silence, so that all he could do was smile goofily and gaze down tenderly at her.


Dimitri smiled triumphantly to get such a reaction from Kali. She so often let him speechless, and mouth agape, he kind of liked it that he could do the same for her. His free hand came up to hold her hand once she linked her arm through his-hugging it tight-and he gave her hand a gentle squeeze as he looked down briefly. This moment was already so perfect-with Kali, even the smallest activities, like walking somewhere, they felt good-he would be content to just walk with her or sit with her. He was grinning broadly as she added to her clue, squeezing her hand again as he felt a yearning to hold Kali close, and kiss her, fill him. “I can’t wait мой возлюбленный," he murmured softly-leaning down towards her, nudging her shoulder lightly-once they were outside the castle, and he started them down a wooded path towards the beach. This path was special though. This was the path Dimitri had taken so long ago, on one of his first days on the island, to explore the place. Along this path was where he had first met Kali.

Kalina, not only feeling confident but also she wanted to make a point. She stop walking, placing her hand on his arm, stopping him as well. She put her hand in his, pulling him to her. She kissed him, flicking her tongue slightly over his lips. “I take that back, that is an understatement, and you taste really good.” She smiled to him, a flair of sass in her words. Kalina  started walking again.

Despite the shock of hearing him speak her language, but his triumphed look, it made her feel so happy to know that she caused that as well in him. She held on tightly to him, she didn’t ever want to let go of him. He was like rock, holding her down, he didn’t expect from her to be anything but herself and for that she wanted to be her best. Just walking with him felt so peaceful, she felt though as if there was something to happen, something good. That made her feel butterflies in her stomach, she didn’t know what to make of these feelings, she felt lost and here he was, guiding her. She grinned to him brightly, still not sure of the feeling that was erupting in her stomach. Her head perked up realizing where the were walking to. For anyone else to take her there, it would mean practically nothing, but for him, it was everything. It was where they first met, where she sat drawing and he came into her life like the moon rising, shining bright into her life.

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