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My name is Kalina Blazhe Emiliya Yuliana Tatianna Kohary, the rightful heir of Bulgaria. I should be tsaritsa , and I will be. I have a fiancé of name Miguel, he is Brazilian. Call me Kali. Or better yet: Empress. In Love with Tsarevich Dimitri Vasa of Russia, dating since January 8, 2014





Based on your name Kalina and your date of birth Tuesday 9 January 1990 we have generated a truly exciting astrological profile by combining Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Celtic (Druid) Astrology, Numerology, Colorology and Birthday Divination. View your matching astrological signs and symbols below.

Spiritual profile of Kalina Astrological Summary on mySpiritualProfile.com

Kalina is born on Tuesday 9 January 1990 in the month of the Western Zodiac (star sign) Capricorn and in the year of the Chinese Animal Snake.

Western AstrologyChinese Astrology
 Western Star Sign:

Capricorn; The Sea Goat

Chinese Zodiac (Animal):

Snake; The Sensual

Western Element:

Earth; Stability

Chinese Element:

Earth; Tu


Saturn; Morose

Yin-Yang Symbol:


 Celtic/Druid Astrology, Numerology & Colorolgy Birthday Divination

Celtic Druid Zodiac:

Fir Tree; The Mysterious


Garnet; Sensuality

Divine Number:

Four ;The Manager



Divine Color:

Orange; The Mature

Day of the Week:


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I wish I could believe you :| Kalel

Kalina felt a silent rage in her as she walked own the halls ways with the dictionary in her hand. She need to go find him. He earned this, he told her he would do something, he sat there in her face telling her he cared about her, but how could he, when he set off a chain reaction that caused her to  destroy her room when it was her by herself. Ivana looked so hurt. Was this payback for Ines? This couldn’t be, no, because this was family problems, not something  petty as telling a girl that her boyfriend was the jealous type. This was something so much worst, and he promised, he invaded her privacy and stole from her. She felt so disrespected, he felt like he could do what ever and that would be okay. She regretted getting him a gift, she regretted allowing him so close to her.

Kalina found his suite door and opened it, coming in like an animal ready to attack. She looked around till she found him, chucking the book at him.  “You sick son of a bitch! You fucking liar! How could you?” She asked him with anger radiating off her voice.  She was so done with him. She could never speak to him again and it would be too soon.

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Broken-Winged Birds || Kalivana


Ivana was gotten by surprise when Kalina opened the door, being all happy, and showing her ring off. Why was she showing her some ring… Ivana was so distraught by what she read, she couldn’t think clearly. Only focusing on the pain and hurt. She tilted her head and almost threw the letter at her sister. ”Kalinskha, look!”, she snorted and stormed inside her sister’s room. She paced back and foward near her bed, her hands still shaking as covered her mouth. She was struggling harder to hold back her crying… Crying was for pathetic and weak people, and she wasn’t weak, not anymore, was she? ”That night, at your anniversary! I thought I crossed the line… I thought it was my fault that you got so angry to the point of trying to kill me!”, she sniffled, and cleaned the tear from her cheek as quickly it as it left her eye. ”I understood why you did that, you were upset… And then I read this. You and mother had this sick deal, this threat between you! I had nothing to do with this, mother was stupid for using me as a threat… But you… I thought you loved me, but I was your… your guinea pig!”, she said in angry Bulgarian and finally sit on her sister’s bed as her legs started failing her.

Kalina was confused to not see her sister happy for her, did she not realize the ring was an engagement ring? Why wasn’t she being distracted by  the huge ring on her finger. Could she not tell Kalina didn’t not want to talk about that dreadful letter. She followed her sister into her bedroom, going to her nightstand, she pulled out the necklace she gotten Miguel for his birthday as he so kindly given her something on her. She had brought it before he lied and broke her trust, yet again. Was he ever going to learn. She held the necklace up looking at it, she then walked to where she had a dictionary. She opened it to a page, then grabbed a pen and a piece of paper, writing him a note telling him how petty and what a liar he was to her. She laid the necklace inside the Dictionary. Kalina turned to Ivana. “You are better off believing whatever lie you believe in. But know you did cross a line. There is a lot of things you don’t know, that you don’t need to know. So Stay out of it. It’s between mother and I.” She said, walking into her closet, grabbing a pair of sandals. She walked out of the closet and over to Ivana, grabbing her face, holding it hard. “Ivana, don’t you dare allow those words to come out of your mouth again. You may be eighteen, but you’re 16 in the mind and I caused that. I can do it again. Never question my love, ever. You’re a fool, but it’s better than the truth. I don’t want to talk about it. I wanted to tell you, Dimitri asked me to marry him! I have yet to pick my maid of honor, it’s between three. See happy topic. Stick to it. Never think of this letter,” She said taking it from Ivana, “Again.”

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Broken-Winged Birds || Kalivana


Ivana walked through the halls, fighting the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes as she went and looked for her sister. She had read the letter Miguel gave to her, curiosity won her, and now she only felt hurt and angry… If only she didn’t know her mother’s handwriting, if only the paper was fake, she would believe Miguel was trying to pull her against her sister. She knew something of Kalina and Miguel’s relationship, how he was jealous of Dimitri and such. But it wasn’t a lie, it was a terrible nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. She stopped but Kalina’s door, shaking hands knocked on the door and she tried her best to not lose it right in the middle of the hall. ”Kalina?”, she dared to call, pleased to see her voice wasn’t as shaky as her hands.

Kalina sat in her office of her room, magazines strayed all on her desk. It had been days since Dimka’s birthday surprise for her. She still was smiling every time she looked down at her hand. It had been daysm and since then, she had the staff find her bridal magazines, she never imagined that someone would ask her to marry them, She needed to plan, she had enough time to plan! She wanted a custom maid dress, with a corset. She had ideas on how she wanted her dress to look, she would have to making clippings. Kalina knew for sure they should at least get married in his country, on a beach front, the Black sea, in a direction  were if they were to get in a boat and sail straight to Bulgaria. She was contemplating purple and white for their wedding colors, that would be stunning. Kalina remember she had another magazine in her bedroom. She left her office area, walking to her room, she heard a voice outside her door, calling her name. Kalina ran to her doo, happy that it was Ivana. “Ivaskha, Look!” She said holding her hand up, showing her sister the ring. She noticed her sister’s demeanor, then the paper. “What is that?” She asked, hoping it was not what she thought it was, or Miguel was in for it.

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One word, five letters… Trust || Kalel


”Wait, just because I called you bitch, you’ll act like one? Either you’re trying hard to be a real bitch, or I was right the whole time, and you couldn’t accept it”, he muttered and snorted a laugh. ”Yes, you had a lot of clothes on! Exactly, he kissed your shoulder, and your neck, and you made that face… That face I got you to make so many times at the Christmas party. I knew what you’re going to do as soon you had left the party”, he narrowed his eyes towards her. He had no idea why he didn’t let them leave, why seeing her with him bothered so much. Why thinking of her with another man made him see red. ”I can’t, okay? I have no fucking idea of why I behaved like that? I try to not care of you being with your boyfriend, I try to not imagine you two being intimate, because then I remember of us, and I can hear you moaning clearly near my ear” he confessed before realizing what he was talking. He pursed his lips, nooding his head lightly in agreement. If someone acted like that with his sister, he would act the same way as her. ”Why would you hurt her?”, he snapped. ”What’s your reason for this behavior? Getting revenge because I hurt your damn boyfriend? Because I can’t help but feeling offended seeing you affectionated in front of me. Call it jealously if you want, I don’t give a damn! Are you as wicked as your mother? Why would you like to see Inês also hurt? She’s more innocent than you so called boyfriend. I should be the one telling her of what happened, I would have make it sound soft, and not brutal as you might had approached her!”, he shook his head, afraid of how Inês reacted to Kalina’s words. He hated seeing the portuguese woman sad. He had told almost everything to his sister, perhaps Kalina hadn’t caused much damage on her after all. She was trying harder to stab him, but he grip didn’t fail him, and she could’t get him. ”Yes, I lied about many things, Kalina. I might wanted you unhappy for a moment, because I was unhappy too. But I want you to have true happiness, and I’m deeply sorry”, his breath was shallow, but his words were true. He looked briefly at her, and saw the tears falling from her eyes. Was she really crying? That was so… Human. He swallowed dryly seeing more tears following the first ones. ”No”, he whispered, watching her falling apart slowy in his arms. ”You… You have all the right to hate me. You have all hte reasons to belive I’m not sorry for what I did, but I’m not letting it go. I’m not leaving you alone”, he said and then heard the noise of the blade hitting the floor. He looked down and kicked if far away from them across the room. ”I won’t leave you alone, not until you let it go all the pain and the frustration you’re feeling. The pain I caused you for acting like a reckless boy, and not the man I should be”, he said as he held his arms warmly around her small frame. 


Kalina glared at him. “You truly are stupid! We are talking about respect! Are you respecting me by calling me a bitch? You don’t respect me but you want me to bow down and kiss your ass! No, fuck you!” She was so far done with him and his attitude. How dare he sit there and talk about respect when he didn’t care if he offended her or not. “It was a got damn bikini! You make it seem like I was running stark nude and he was chasing me! Whatever we do, it’s between us, we were not fucking in public, you cannot regulate what I do!” She said, a bit thrown off by him bringing up Christmas. “That night on Christmas should not have happened, you should have not kissed me three times in that ball, then in the hall. All it did was confuse you and everyone else.” She said softly. She hoped he wouldn’t ask her if she thought about that night. Why bring it up when he was so gun-hold on Ines, trying to make her feel bad for the girl. “That is the point, there is no us, how could there be when I don’t trust you and you said it explicitly that you do not what to marry me. Try to forget it, that is what I’m doing.” She said, Kali was a terrible liar, but she was telling the truth, she was trying to forget, always seeming to catch her when she went to sleep. “Why do you even care?” She asked, puzzled, why would he care about that night, she was sure he saw it as a mistake. “How long has this been going on, hmm? I doubt she would like to hear about this when its all over, trust me, I may seem like a bitch, but it was the lesser of the two evils. STOP BRINGING UP MY MOTHER! YOU DON’T KNOW HER SO LEAVE HER ALONE! Just because you read one thing doesn’t give you the right to talk like you know her! Innocent, my ass! Whether you like it or not, she played a part in this before she even knew what was going on! If you care so much about her, stop leaving her in the dark! Brutal, at least I was honest with her.” She spat at Miguel so damn tired of hearing him talk about Ines, he was coddling her like she was a baby when she was a grown woman. “You are a liar! I’m a bitch, I’m a monster, I’m a beast, but I don’t fucking lie! Unhappy, about that, your team loosing? What could justify you lying and actually trying to hurt me! You always, constantly verbally attack me, what more do you want from me?” She asked, really wanting to know now. She felt a rage in her burn brighter as each tear fell. She felt so weak and like he might have her defeated, and God, did it make her hate him even more. Why wouldn’t he leave her alone, why wouldn’t he just let her go. “Aren’t you happy enough that I’m standing here crying, why won’t you go! Haven’t you had enough of lying to me?” She said, you could tell she was crying with her words, it was in her voice. She tried to get out his grasp, but he instead chose to hold her in his arms, causing her to cry harder, she gave up trying to get out. “Let it go? Let go of just the pain you caused or it all? You keep talking about poor Ines and how she was screwed over, but maybe you failed to see, I need him! Without him, all I have is my sister, every other person, including you has hurt me! I am tired of being fucking hurt! He came into my life like a spark, lighting up the darkness, becoming my moon, my stars! Because of him, I have Zoe! An actual best friend! But you want to keep making him feel bad for loving me, what about poor Kalina! You can stop trying to guilt me into feeling bad for her because I am too damn selfish to give him up, not when I have gained so much that I have never had.” Kalina sobbed, telling her side. She was so sick and tired of people going on about how Ines has it so bad, at least she has a group of people who adore her, before Dimitri, who else did Kalina truly have? Simply Ivana.

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[text] Miguel
  • Miguel: No, no.... You're very wrong at that. Inês didn't tell anything about him. She told me of his actions. And I saw the way he was with you when he should be paying attention at her. She wanted this marriage, she wanted to make it work with Dimitri, but you captured him, and he didn't give her the attention she deserved. And she didn't have to tell me any of this, because I saw it. I won't give a fuck about Russia and you once our contract is over.
  • Miguel: I wanted to fuck with her? Don't make me laugh!! You said I judge you, but you do the same about me. You don't know me, is it too hard to accept that maybe I wanted to be her friend, because she was feeling fucking alone thanks to you.
  • Miguel: Don't act like the World runs around you.
  • Miguel: Don't worry about the wedding, you won't be invited and neither your boyfriend. You know nothing about me, Kalina. I don't treat women the way I treat you.
  • Kalina: So he has to give up someone who makes him happy because she wanted something. A relationship is a two way street! I didn't capture him, he could have walked away if he wanted! Attention, he purely wanted to just be friends! If I of all people can accept that someone doesn't want to be a relationship with me, why can't others? Oh that isn't what you said before, remember 'I care about you' and you should, remember how much you were whining on about being Big 7!
  • Kalina: So you're telling me, Sir Flirty, that you haven't done it! You judge without knowing the person, at least I wait till I have met the person and had a conversation with them! Thanks to me, she wouldn't have to feel like she has to force feelings she didn't have. I judge you on what you say and have done to me!
  • Kalina: Wow, nice comeback, had nothing better to say because you know I am right!
  • Kalina: I wouldn't want to be there! It would have nothing to do with me or Dimitri! I know surprisingly enough about you and your family, you won't stop talking about them ! My mother is so strong, my mother is my hero, she did this, she did that. Oh so you don't randomly appear in their rooms bestowing gifts upon them, or is it that you don't go to them whenever you see them and verbally attack them?
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[text] Miguel
  • Miguel: Correction, I still mock your excuse of boyfriend... How someone like you don't get bored with someone like him? I wish you lucky on uniting Bulgaria and Russia, because your little boyfriend won't leave the throne to his sisters because of you. Either way, you won't keep the Bulgarian throne if you keep dating him.
  • Miguel: She likes me... But I've must been a very naughty boy, because she's keen on punishing me for the rest of my life.
  • Miguel: You're content with him? Let's see how long! I have someone. Sure you forgot... I bet you have wet dreams about that night at the classroom. I won't be surprised if someday you moan my name while the Russian fucks you.
  • Miguel: His little sister is an adult, and responsible of her acts. She answered only to herself. Thank you, very much! I hope I find a good brazilian girl to warm my bed and makes me forget for good.
  • Kalina: Lets see, here we go down this conversation, yet again about you judging people before you even know them! All you knew about Dimitri before you met him was what Ines told you, which makes you biased since you wanted to fuck her! Maybe if you would hold judgment till after you met a person, maybe you wouldn't have as many problems. Do not worry about Bulgaria past getting it to me! But do worry about Russia, as you so often brag about Brazil being one of the big seven, so is Russia. A nation built from steel!
  • Kalina: If she is bent on punishing you, she should instead just send you to Siberia, I shouldn't have to suffer.
  • Kalina: You're right, I am not content, Dimitri brings me happiness that no one else has ever done! Instead of condemning me, as you and so many others have done, he opened his arms and his heart to me, so shut the hell up about him. That would be a bet you would lose! Then be surprised that I don't, you are no where on my mind when I am with him.
  • Kalina: But her acts could mess things up for him, his sister fucking his future brother in law, what an awkward wedding that will be. Just remember to pay her in the morning, prostitutes aren't above stealing or you might even end up in a tabloid with her selfie in your bed!
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*1 hour later*


Dimitri couldn’t think of anything else that needed to be said in that moment. He too only felt that pure happiness that always surrounded them when they were together. He slowly leaned his forehead down then to rest softly against Kali’s, as he smiled blissfully down to her-his eyes softly shutting as he took in the moment. His world was at peace having her by his side once again. His soft smile slowly pulled up into a mischievous smirk though at her cheeky question, and he leaned back just a bit to look down at Kalina, before kissing her lips again-this time deeper-bringing their connected hands up to rest lightly against his chest. “How’s the memory now?” he then asked her teasingly, his voice breathy, when he eventually pulled his lips back from hers.


"How did I get so lucky to get such an amazing girlfriend as you?" He laughed lightly, but his gaze and smile were full of genuine awe and love. "Hm… A hint…? Well, I suppose…" he smirked down playfully to Kali. "We… Are going on a very special trip… Into the past… Our past." He met her curious gaze with his excited gaze.

Kalina turned her graze up to Dimitri’s as he placed his forehead on her own. She watched his face, seeing as if peace was a gentle wave, washing over on his face. She couldn’t help but smile, knowing that some way she helped cause that. She didn’t blush at her cheeky comment, rather was filled with anticipation. She felt a release as he kissed her lips, deeper and more sensual. She knew if she wanted, she could keep this up till they were in her room, naked, with every nerve on their bodies tingling. “It’s coming back to me.” She smiled, keeping in mind there was something he wanted to do.

"The same way I was lucky enough to have  you, moya lyubov’" She said simply as if it was a common fact. She may have spoken loosely, but she held him tightly. "Yes, you give me a hint, and I will give you one!" She teased. She perked up, wondering what could  possibly be going on for him to make him go through their past. She stood on her toes, leaning over to his ear, breathing softly, trying to do sexy. "My hint…you’re going to need to take a good shower for what is in stored." she whispered.

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