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My name is Kalina Blazhe Emiliya Yuliana Tatianna Kohary, the rightful heir of Bulgaria. I should be tsaritsa , and I will be. I have a fiancé of name Miguel, he is Brazilian. Call me Kali. Or better yet: Empress. In Love with Tsarevich Dimitri Vasa of Russia, dating since January 8, 2014





*1 hour later*



*knocks rhythmically on Kali’s door*

Hey there, I’m surprised to see you here so un-expectantly! I was just about to call you so I can hear the sound of your voice.

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Dimitri managed a small, but genuine smile hearing Kali’s earnest words, and he turned a gentle gaze up to her. “I love you. More then I even thought possible. I never thought, that I could be so lucky…. As to find some one like you. Someone I could just, be myself with. Completely. You make me feel so good, and so happy. You’re incredible.”


Dimitri slowly leaned forward, gently pulling Kalina in towards him, and placed a soft kiss on her lips-lingering there for a few seconds before sitting back slightly, and giving her a warm smile. His smile soon fell though, and he took a deep breath, his gaze following to their conjoined hands as he gently played with the Bulgarian’s fingers, as he prepared himself to talk with Kali about Ines. He knew he could trust Kali, and that she deserved to know what was happening. He could tell her anything, just as she could tell him anything. And this affected her too, so she had a right to know.


"Ines… Ines told me about how she—How she had to break up with someone—Someone she truly loved, and was very much in love with. Because we had been arranged to marry. And then, I come here, and I start seeing you… I fall for you, and she didn’t even hear about us first from me. Miguel told her. And, I just… I’ve messed up everything I can mess up with her." His gaze was intent on their hands, his fingers softly massaging each of Kali’s fingers, and her hand. He swallowed roughly once he finished, and took a shaky breath.


"And, as if I wasn’t causing enough pain… I’m hurting you, too…" He finally turned his pained gaze up to look at Kali’s face, still holding her hand firmly, at his chest. "You would not have so many problems with Miguel, If I weren’t in the picture… I’m so sorry Kali." He gently brought her hand he had been holding to his lips, his eyes still locked with Kalina’s, and placed a tender, desperate kiss on the back of her hand, and along her knuckles, resting it again against his chest once he pulled his lips back. His gaze remained on the ground for several seconds, before he slowly pushed himself to lift it-just a bit-to look up at Kali. His hazel eyes which normally lit up his face, were full of pain and desperation, so apologetic, but still full of deep love.

She smiled at his soft smile. His smiles were always warm, they caused a chain reaction. Kalina disliked though, Dimitri being upset. “We could stand here all night going on how much we love each other. You’re my moon, lighting up my darkness. I didn’t know if I would ever love someone, but you changed that. You keep me from raging, I feel peace with you.”

She was about to move closer to him, but the smile on his face dropped and Kalina wanted to know why was he acting as such. If someone was causing him pain, she wanted to cause them unconditional pain. There were very few people Kalina cared about, she could count on one hand the people she  cared about, and she didn’t even need all those fingers. Kalina held her face hearing him bring up Ines, was this her getting back at her for telling her the truth? Well she deserved to know, the man she cared about was parading around hurting her. She wasn’t surprised to hear that she was in love, or even that she gave that person up. She wouldn’t have done that herself. She held her tongue, allowing him to finish. She rolled her eyes hearing Miguel’s name. Of course her was involved. So he caused the pain not only for Dimitri but Ines. If Miguel could have just allowed Dimitri to tell his fiancée what he done. Realization that Miguel was a hypocrite. He was going on to her about how she shouldn’t have told Ines the truth, hurting her like that…but he did the same thing, and yet he claims that he cared about her. She smiled to him, feeling his hands on hers. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Dearest,I will not speak my mind, for I will sound very cruel and to sound cruel about someone you so clearly care about, not more than me, but still all together care about, isn’t kind. You and I weren’t planned, we were not hoping to get together when we met up on the island, it just happened and it was magical. But Miguel should really keep his fucking mouth shut about things that don’t include him if he wants others to do the same. Because him telling Ines about us, did that hurt her? He should have allowed you to talk to your fiancée, she is after all yours.” She said, knowing exactly what she was doing. She was building a case to Dimitri against Miguel and this one he couldn’t stop.

His next words caused her to smile. Him, being angelic and perfect, thought that it was because of him that she and Miguel were constantly going at it.  She shook her head. “Dimitri, you were not here when Miguel and I first met. When we met, we flirted, then we learned each other’s name, then the fight that never seems to end began. But he thinks I am beautiful! Born a sinner, a demon, with the face of an Angel. You, you are the one thing, keeping us for ripping at each other for other reasons. Don’t be sorry, I love you. He brings me misery, and you bring me happiness. I need you.”

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[text] Miguel
  • Miguel: Why? I'm... What did you say, I'm a dick, selfish... blah blah blah... Why would you want to be friends with me. We should stop talking with each other as soon our contract is finished.
  • Miguel: Whatever. My mother went with this, and after all we heard of you, she still didn't change her word. I wished that wasn't me.
  • Miguel: Anything! How many men has you slept with since you got into this island? The manwhore, that excuse of man, me.... How many more?
  • Miguel: If Larissa marries with Afonso, Inês and I couldn't be together. He hating me or not wouldn't make the difference. I hope I find a bride better then you are
  • Kali: Jackass, I asked you to be my friend in JANUARY, where you then preceded to kiss me then make a mockery of my boyfriend and then told me after you broke our engagement, we were never going to speak again. I have no interest in being your friend, and I would be quite pleased if we never did after you get me my throne.
  • Kali: I guess you're mom doesn't like you either, whoops.
  • Kali: You're trying to make it seem like I'm a whore. I forgot I even slept with you, other events from that night stuck out more in my memory. How many more, you can fuck yourself. I'm content with Dimitri, thanks.
  • Kali: I wonder how your future brother-in-law is going to react when he finds out that you fucked his little sister. Good luck finding one. I wish you the best.
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[text] Miguel
  • Miguel: No, I was pissed.
  • Miguel: They don't? They and my mother put us together... They have anything to do with me.
  • Miguel: You do put all the men you sleep in to work, right? I'm the man who is going to give you what you want.
  • Miguel: Hope for that then.
  • Kali: So it's now when your drunk /and/ when your pissed, great to know!
  • Kali: FYI we've been engage since I was 5 or 6, so that was your dad. And they didn't care if it was you or anyone else, just as I was away from Bulgaria and that area.
  • Kali: What does the men I sleep with have to do with anything? And that is all you can give me!
  • Kali: I hope when Larissa gets married, she takes your mother with her and never return, leaving you alone in Brazil! And I hope her fiancé hates you and convinces his sister how terrible you are!
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One word, five letters… Trust || Kalel


”I don’t respect you?”, he snapped, his eyes narrowing tighter. ”I wasn’t almost fucking Inês on that stupid party, Kalina… Like you and your boyfriend were doing. Not only me, but everybody on that party could tell you two needed to find a room”, he said between his teeth. ”The most I did was kissing Inês in front of you, don’t deny it… Or have you seen we almost fucking in a public place?”, he tilted his head to the side as he watched her. ”I shouldn’t… But again I felt ofended by watching you, for the wrong reasons, but now the shit is made, and we can’t go back to the past, can we?”, he said quietly. He shouldn’t have been impulsive, but he was hurt… Hell? Why was he hurt by seeing that? Kalina meant nothing. He shouldn’t care seeing her kissing another guy, and turning them on. He was looking for excuses, and he had no idea why he was behaving like that. He pursed his lips, a bit relieved that she changed the topic, and brought him away from his thoughts. ”I saw the way you looked at her. Anyone could tell that if you hadn’t been with someone holding you, you would have followed her, and demanded for an explanation, to say the least”, he said quietly. ”I was going to tell her…. After is was done, and I had nothing to do with you anymore. It should have been me to tell Inês of what I’ve done. I don’t care if he got hurt or not, he was a sideway effect. Now you… You aimed not only me, but the girl I like, and the girl I’ve promissed myself to protect since my father passed away. You had no right to mess with them, Kalina. If you wanted to hurt me, you should have aim me and only me, not them”, he said firmly. He held her firmly in his arms, keeping the blade away from him. ”No… I won’t let you go, not with the blade on. And no… I don’t want to see you unhappy. I’m sorry about last time, it was a mistake, I should have never gone to that party. I’m sorry, Kalina. I didn’t mean to hurt you, it just happened and I’m not proud of the way I acted”, he said near her ear.


Kalina tilted her head. “So the name calling, that is respect? No it isn’t! You called me a bitch the day you met me. It wasn’t a stupid party, it was something so we, those from the Balkans could meet up together in a informal setting for once. There is no almost fucking, it’s either you did or you did not. No clothing was being removed, he fucking kissed my shoulder and I asked him if he was ready to go. We aren’t really the type for events like that, so I wanted to know if he wanted to go!” Kalina said, defending herself, she was getting tired of always defending herself to him. Who was he? He couldn’t control what she did, she didn’t owe him an answer. “Then let it go if it was for wrong reason, it’s not doing anyone any good for you to be holding on to that. It’s not helping us.” She said, trying to instead of fight him, persuade him. She stood up straighter. “Well isn’t it good that I had both you and Dimitri there to hold me back. I would have hit her, then demanded answers.” She admitted, no shame either. She didn’t like the way the girl was treating her sister, she honestly acted like she was better than Ivana, which wasn’t something true. Kalina shook her head. “What sense does that make, it’s been going on too long for you to wait till then to tell her, she would have surely gotten upset then with you as well. Me telling her was the lesser of two evils hearing your plan. You cannot expect me to care that it hurt Ines when you give less than a damn about if it hurts Dimitri. No, what I did was aim to hurt you and Ines, me telling your sister wouldn’t hurt her, she would simply be seeing things from a different prospective. You see, you’ve grown a nasty habit of messing with me when I am trying to enjoy my time, so between Ines and Larissa, one of them should be able to talk some sense into you. To hurt you, it’s not so simple.” She shrugged. Kalina learned from her very own mother, to hurt someone, you had to hurt someone very close to him. His reaction told her she aimed right. Kalina breathing began to get heavier and heavier, it was as if she was hearing him but having a montage of events with her mother playing in her mind. All the hurt and how it wasn’t till she hurt her back that it stopped. She just felt so angry, it was over riding her and she couldn’t even do anything to release the anger. She tried to stab him again, but his grip was so strong. “You. Lie. You do, you want me unhappy and you’re not sorry.” She said through her teeth, two tears fell from her eyes, it felt as if a small opening had been placed on her soul and she could let it go, the anger, but she hated crying.  Kalina tried to pull herself away again, fight his grip, losing, the tears began to fall from her eyes at a more rapid pace. “Miguel let me go! Please!” she cried. Oh she wanted to punch him, to stab him in his spleen. “No one is ever sorry truly till you make them sorry! You’re not sorry! You wanted to hurt me and I hate you! Just let me go, I let it go, please.” She said, she wanted to run to her bathroom, to dry her face off, she hated most to have people see her cry. Kalina dropped the blade, giving up.

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Anonymous asked: Discipline? Wow you're screwed up. I see where she gets it from. Craziness must run in the family, eh?

I tried everything conventional and even something unconventional, it still did not work, the more we told her not to, the more it seemed she wanted to do it. She has anger in her and she has issues showing any other emotions.

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Anonymous asked: If she usurps the throne from viktor, you have no one to blame but yourself for it. You made her cold. You made her calculating. You took away her ability to love. She'll just be returning the favor.

I loved that child from the day she was conceived! She made the choice to be cold, she made the choice to be calculating, she made a choice to shut all of us out besides Ivana. I still love her, you should have seen her as a child, when she got upset with someone, she used to tell them ‘I’ll kill you.” I don’t know where she got it from, but I made her change. She makes people stick to their word. I promised her a crown, it just wasn’t the one she wanted.

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Anonymous asked: Ivana lost her virginity to some random guy she barely knew

You will stop lying on my child!


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